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I love benefit while shopping

As you know I’m crazy about shopping. The statement “shop till you drop” from Victoria Beckham fits me like a glove. When you are shopping as much as I do, then there are times that you’re short of money. Or, if you want to say it the more positive way, sometimes there’s still some month left at the end of my money. A problem that you probably know. Shopping is also a lot more fun when you can do this in an economical way. To get something for a bargain is the ultimate form of shopping for a shopaholic and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

victoria beckham

victoria beckham

But what exactly is benefit?

Benefit is of course a broad term. Is it always in favour only to the price of an article or is there more than this? I think there’s more than that. When you’re talking about benefit you can also think of a free article that you get when you buy something. This could be a nice gadget, but also the second article for free is an example of pure benefit. I always enjoy benefit the most when it comes unexpectedly, at times when you least expect it. Other forms of benefit while shopping:

  • Free Parking
  • A free coffee and cake at purchase
  • Discount on your next purchase
  • Turn to discount the wheel of fortune

Look further

I shop a lot in Germany. Also most online purchases I buy from German companies. A good friend and fan of my blog from the beginning gave me the tip to look beyond Germany. After all, the world is at your feet when you shop online. So he pointed me met veilingen belgie and the Netherlands. Here you can shop at an auction manner. For someone like me an ideal. Shopping from home and it’s up to yourself to decide how much benefit you get.

Tips For Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs Part 1

This is a topic that I’m thinking of setting up for anyone who wants to start an online business. The internet has opened a whole new world for retailers after all, and if your passion lies as much in selling as it does in shopping then there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. Number one is to pick a niche. If you are going to setup a business in the wide world of the internet, you had best have a niche that you want to focus on. This will allow you to have a specific area to concentrate your energy and skills which will increase your chances of succeeding.

online business

online business

Number to is to setup a Blog. I know what you’re thinking. A Blog? Yes, a Blog! Just like this one! A blog will allow you to engage the audience in the niche that you have chosen which gives you prime candidates for conversion. Of course, you will need traffic in order to even get there which you can get through a few methods. One is through good old fashioned SEO. Another is through social media like Twitter, Facebook and such. If you want faster results though, you could purchase traffic from traffic providers. For the latter, you can visit this site. Whichever you choose, your blog will need to have the following:

High quality content
User-friendly interface
An appropriate site design
Engaging media (photos, videos, games, etc.)

So there you go, some beginner tips for aspiring online entrepreneurs who want to enter the online business world. Watch out for the next part which we’ll post soon! We will get even deeper into the matter of setting up an online business and how you can really crank up the cash making machine that will be your site.

The Popularity Of Online Shopping In Germany

More than half of Germans are fond of shopping online. As a matter of fact, the number of online shoppers continues to increase with the passage of time. Internet retailing is very popular in Germany, especially among younger and middle-age customers. Even the seniors are now starting to realize the benefits of internet retailing.

The convenience of online shopping

online shops

online shops

Local stores in Germany are closed at a particular time and day. With the advent of online shops, consumers can make their purchase any time of the day. Online shops are open 24-hours a day, which is far more convenient and at the same time enabling you to save time and money. Aside from the convenience brought by online shopping, online sites also offer a huge array of products; products that you can’t find elsewhere. German consumers also noticed that online sites offer more affordable price as compared to local shops.

The future of internet shopping in Germany

There is a bright future for internet shopping in Germany. As a matter of fact, internet retailing in Germany is expected to continuously increase over the next few years. This realization has led store-based retailers to put up their very own online shops too. The impact of online shopping has gone beyond the value of sales because it directly influences the economic policy decisions.



What to Buy And Where Should You Shop In Germany

shopping_mall_germanyRetail therapy is even more enjoyable the moment you step outside your home country. Shopping is a one of a kind experience if you do it in Europe, especially in Germany. When shopping there, you will be able to meet locals, learn their way of life, and a chit chat over the counter.

What to purchase?

When in Germany, you will surely be tempted to shop. You will find a huge array of choices such as chocolates, leather, clothing, accessories, jewellery, Christmas ornaments, and many more. You will find everything that represents the culture, history, and aesthetics of Germany. Before you begin shopping, you should first do comparison shopping so that you will have idea which one offers the best price. Aside from that, you should know beforehand; what types of things are permitted by your custom department to bring in?

Where to purchase?

Where is the best place to shop in Germany? Well, it basically depends on your preference. You can shop at the main shopping streets/high streets. There are also outlet malls where you can surely find great bargains. Department stores offer the widest selection of goods. You might also want to shop at open markets. If you want to purchase antiques, then you should try shopping at the museum shops. Shopping can also be done at the airport. Airport malls sell famous local goods and you will also be able to find specialties that you can’t find elsewhere.

When is the best time to shop?

When shops are on sale, you should make sure you wear comfortable clothing, especially comfortable shoes. The discounts are phenomenal and a lot of locals shop till the last drop. The sale is usually done twice a year; ideally in June or July or in December or January. When the malls are on sale, you will be able to save up to 70%. When in Germany, you should make sure you visit magical marketplaces where you can find tasty local snacks, craft items, and other stuff that would truly delight your senses.

How to shop?

In Germany, major credit cards are accepted, but when shopping at fairs and open markets, it is best to pay in cash. You will be able to earn small discounts if you do so. Before making your purchase, you should first ask if the store accepts credit card. If you find the price too high, then don’t hesitate to haggle. However, haggling is not allowed in all stores. You should first find out if haggling is allowed. In high end stores, haggling is not allowed, especially if the price is already on sale. You can try your luck in the open market/flea market.

Familiarize the Following Phrases When Shopping In Germany

shopping in germany

shopping in germany

German loves shopping whether it is clothes, books, shoes, groceries, and the likes. If you are new in Germany or visiting Germany for the first time, you should know what to say when shopping. It is true that it is easy to shop in Germany, but how to say it? Well, it’s a different thing considering the fact that Germany is a non-English speaking country.

Shopping in Germany

Many Germans have good command of English, but most of the time they are hesitant to use it because they are aware that their English isn’t that perfect. As you know, Germans are perfectionist. So, what are the basic German phrases? Keep on reading below.

  • I am looking for- Ja, ichsuche…
  • Do you have- HabenSie…?
  • I like that- Das gefälltmir
  • I don’t like that- Das gefälltmirnicht
  • How much is that- Waskostet das?

Where should you shop in Germany?

Almost all cities in Germany have shopping districts and they are closed to vehicular traffic. You will find specialty shops, department stores, malls, indoor and outdoor shopping complexes, bookstores, pharmacy, souvenir shop, and many more.

Special stores

In Germany, you cannot find a designated liquor store. You can find liquors almost anywhere such as in the food section of the department store or even at the kiosk, convenience stores, and even in the gasoline station.

How to Pay?

Major credit cards are usually accepted in most German stores, but if you have any doubts, then you should first ask prior to choosing your shopping items. If you enter a German shop, it would set a good expectation if you are going to say hello or even just a common German greeting. A simple thank you before heading your way to the exit is a way of showing your politeness.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Grocery Shopping In Germany

If you have been to Germany, then most likely you are aware of the fact that shopping in Germany is a totally different thing. There are things that organized differently. Structure wise, the stores are a bit smaller and you will have lesser options. For you to have a worthwhile shopping experience, feel free to take into account the following tips:

grocery shopping

grocery shopping

  • Have your own water bottles. The shops in Germany have tiny water bottle sucker upper machine that will pay you for every empty water bottle. By simply feeding the machine, you will be able to earn money. Kids as well as kids at heart love doing feeding the machine.
  • You should have your own bag. Most of the stores there have green campaign, which expect you to carry your own bag. You need to load the cart in a logical way; the same thing goes when unloading the cart.
  • Always have 1 euro with you. For you to avail of the cart, you need to pay 1 euro and once you return the cart, your 1 euro will be given back to you.

Also: If you ever have interest in watching fussbal: It’s not free to watch in Germany. Therefore, you should visit a website like to watch all matches.

Top 3 Must Visit Shopping Places In Germany


Germany is indeed the best place for shopaholics. If you visit Germany, you will surely be delighted by its huge shopping centres and low prices, which is very good for season sales. If you wish to have tax free return, then you need to purchase goods for only 25 euros. In this blog, I will reveal to you the top three must visit shopping places in the beautiful country of Germany. If you are in Germany, make sure to visit these shopping sites to get a taste of how it feels like shopping in Germany.

Ludgeristraße, Munster

If you love to shop for stylish and unconventional outfits, then this street is the best place to be. It has numerous exclusive shops selling distinct pieces. It also has numerous dining points and cafes and so you can just chill out right after shopping. Research showed that on a Saturday about 9,390 people visit this place.

HoheStraße, Cologne

This place is considered the busiest trade route in the country, which attracts nearly 10,500 shoppers. There is a huge array of goods to choose from and you can find almost anything from the cheapest things, middle class, to the most expensive goods.

Zeil, Frankfurt

On this street, you will find a huge array of shops that will surely suit your taste and budget. It houses Zeilgalerie, which is a huge department store. It has a 10 storey commercial complex designed uniquely in a spiral way.


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shopping In Germany

shopping mollSaturday morning is the best time to shop in Germany. This is where you will experience shopping in Germany at its finest.

Market in Germany

What’s good thing about shopping in Germany is that you can smell fresh products the vendors are selling. The weather is fine, the prices are great, and the fragrance of food is truly appetizing. The vendors can perfectly explain to you the components of what they are selling; be it fruits, veggies, or your favorite cheese and sausages. If you really want to experience how it feels like living and shopping in Germany, then I strongly suggest that you spend at least a year in the country. That way, you will know the best season to do your shopping, especially if you are shopping for particular goods.

Pastry products

If you know how to do your research right, then you will be able to find independent bakers and pastry chefs in the country. There are so many big companies in Germany and their products are being resold in smaller shops. However, if you want to taste the best tasting pastries and breads, then you can find it at small independent bakeshops. You have to remember that the bigger the production, the lower the quality. Once you find a highly reputable mini bakeshop, then you will truly differentiate the taste.

What should you keep in mind?

If you are in Germany, then you have to keep in mind that meat is one of the most expensive things to purchase. You have to literally find an independent butcher as most big stores are selling pre-packaged meat. If you are in a hurry, then shop at Lidl, Aldi, and other big grocery stores.

These stores sell almost anything you want, but you have to be aware that there products are pricy. These stores have longer working hours as compared with small stores. Most stores in Germany are close on Saturday afternoons, but big stores like the ones mentioned above are open even in the afternoon of Saturdays.

Some Of The Best Shopping Streets In Germany

shopping_streetsThe heart and soul of Germany can be experienced in the centre of the city. Germany is the home to some of the best shopping sites in the world. The liveliest day in Germany is Saturday. Every Saturday, you will find a bunch of people down the street. Most of these people are having coffee at their favourite coffee shop, beating the heat by eating ice cream at the top notch ice cream parlours, attending mass, going to theatres, dining out at a world class restaurants, and the likes.

Cologne’s Shopping Street

Schildergasse is the centre of the city and is also the busiest shopping street in Europe. Research showed that about 13,000 of people are passing through it per hour. It offers international department stores including high end architectures.

Frankfurt’s Shopping Street

When in Frankfurt, don’t forget to visit Zeil. It is considered “The Fifth Avenue” of Germany and it offers everything you need when shopping. It has international department stores and chic boutiques, which are truly discerning to shopaholics. Don’t hesitate to visit ZeilGalerie; it is a shopping center consists of 10 floors. From there, you will be able to view the rest of the city.

Berlin’s Shopping Street

Ku’damm is Berlin’s most famous shopping street. From there, you will find so many international shops including Mango, Zara, Esprit, H&M, and the likes. There are also restaurants, five star hotels, movie theatres, and amusement centres.

How Can You Benefit From Airport Parking Service

Of course a lot of tourist visit Germany by plane. A lot of us are having issues with car parking.
Don’t you know that airport parking service is now available?
I have tried it several times and I am very satisfied and glad with the kind of services I am getting.
Even some Dutch are very satisfied about airport parking at Dutch aiport Schiphol.
Schiphol parking can be hard, but you have the right resources.
In this article, I will point out to you the benefits and advantages you can get if you avail airport parking service.


I noticed that it is more convenient to use airport parking because it is close to the main terminal. Aside from that, the airport also offers shuttle rides in case the lot is not directly located to the terminal.


Safety and security

It is safe and even more secure to park in the airport because it is well taken scared off by the airport securities. If I am going to park the car in the vacant lot, then chances are criminals will be enticed to target my vehicle. As I mentioned above, the airport parking is supervised by armed guard round the clock so I am confident that my car and my valuable assets inside it are protected. Parking my car in the airport also gives my car added protection from natural calamities that might jeopardize the safety of my car such as floods, accidental drop of heavy branches that might damage the roofing of the car, and other disastrous calamities. Placing the car in the airport parking before leaving can benefit us in many different ways. We can drive to the airport, avail great parking space, and have the peace of mind as we travel the world. We don’t really need to worry that much when it comes to the welfare of our vehicle. I myself strongly recommend airport parking as it makes life easier for all of us. We can travel peacefully knowing that our precious cars are in good hands.

Must Do When Going Grocery Shopping In Germany

groceryWhen visiting Germany or moving there for good, there are a few things you have to keep in mind particularly when it comes to grocery shopping.

Shopping on a Saturday is highly discouraged

Saturday is a grocery day not only in Germany, but also in other countries in the planet. However, Saturday crowd is worst in Germany because shops are closed on Sundays. So, chances are most people would head onto grocery centres on Saturdays. Saturdays are complete insanity. You will surely bump so many shoppers and their abandoned grocery cart will surely cause blockage.

PS: I prefer to schedule my grocery shopping on weekdays as it is more convenient than shopping on Saturdays. I don’t have to endure long lines in the cashier counter.

Always have 50 cent or 1€

If you want to use the grocery carts or chariots, then you need to prepare 50 cent or 1€. Yes, using grocery cart isn’t for free. You have to rent. Hence, it is best to keep coins in your pocket. If you don’t have coins, then the service desk will make change if you need it the most. How to avail a cart? Simple insert the coin in the hole and presto!

Find a place to park

For your comfort during shopping, it is best to find a place to leave your cart while searching for items that you want to purchase. If you are unsure as to what things/goods exactly to buy, then parking your cart is a good strategy. Bringing your cart can be a stressful ride. You don’t have to worry though because in Germany, nobody will take your grocery cart. You can leave your cart there and your goods are still intact. Germany is indeed one of the safest and liveable countries in the world.


Your Helpful Guides When Shopping In Germany

german_shopShopping is real fun, especially if you are in Germany. However, to get the most out of your shopping, there are a few important things you have to keep in mind and below are some of them.

The use of credit card

Never assume that all stores and dining places accept the use of credit card. Most German stores prefer cash. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have cash because you can find ATMs in shopping centers and stores.

Specialty stores/shops

Specialty stores and shops are very common in Germany and a significant number of people prefer small specialty stores because it gives them advice on what they really need.

Sales Tax/VAT

When shopping in Germany, what you see is what you actually get. Tax is already included in the price and you will see the actual price on your receipt.

VAT Refunds

There are instances wherein you will get a full VAT refund, especially for larger purchases. But to be able to avail VAT refund, you have to prove that you are going to purchase the items out of EU within three months. You also have to go through complex procedures, including forms that need to be filled out.

When is the best time to shop?

In Germany, the shopping hour is very limited. Most stores in Germany close at 8PM, but in Berlin shopping hour is most liberal.



Learn How To Shop The German Way

german_shopGermans love shopping. However, if you visit Germany you will be somewhat disappointed to know that the malls in Germany are not as well developed as the malls you used to. The good news is that you can find a number of big box stores in Germany. You can find stores that specialize in:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Do-it-yourself stores
  • Hyper stores offering a huge array of household goods, groceries, pet supplies, clothing and so on
  • German discounters specializing in selling various things at unbeatable prices

The public transport system in Germany is very good, especially if you are going to shop downtown. There is no need for you to bring your car when shopping. Shopping is even made a pleasant experience because of outdoor cafes, benches, sidewalk, weekly fruit, fountains, market stands, and the likes.

If you don’t like the idea of shopping in a huge store, then there are a few small shops that offer a huge array of goods such as leather goods, china, shoes, electrical supplies, optical and musical instruments, flowers, books, sports equipment, and candles, among many others. However, these small shops charge higher prices.


Shopping facilities

Germany is equipped with shops that sell everything you needs. You can find small shops, butcher’s hop, and baker’s shops in almost all residential areas. However, if you want to purchase clothes, garments, electrical equipment, and household goods, then you need to travel to the town centres, especially in the primary shopping streets.



Shopping hour in Germany is different than the usual shopping hours. Hence, you have to be aware of your store’s opening hours for they are not open round the clock. Basically, most stores in Germany close around 6PM to 8PM. Do not go shopping on Sundays because stores are closed at that time. In Germany, what you see is what you actually get. The displayed price is inclusive of value added tax.

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping In Germany

shop germanyA travel experience is not complete without shopping. Most people who visit Germany are in search for memorabilia rather than purchasing expensive items like clothes and other stuff. However, for you to have a wonderful shopping experience in Germany, you have to consider the following tips:

  • In Germany, stores are usually close on Sundays and Holidays. Before a long weekend, you will find shoppers all around the mall, especially on Saturdays. You also have to check the mall schedules during Saturdays because a lot of small stores close early.
  • In Germany, store employees know what they are talking about. If you are unsure of something, then feel free to ask the store employees and they will be more than willing enough to help you with your concerns.

Street markets

Are you looking for fresh foods? If yes, then you cannot only find them at the local shops, but also in markets. It would help a lot if you are going to ask the town hall about the schedule of street markets. I really love shopping in street markets because I can shop for fresh foods without compromising my budget.

What about online shopping in Germany?

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Most people in Germany order goods and services online. There are highly reputable sites that sell high quality products exclusively for people in Germany. If you are not happy with the quality of items, then don’t worry because you can return the goods within 14 working days. To prevent any problems, it would help a lot if you are going to read legal notice of online shopping sites. That way, you will know what to expect when placing your order.


If you are in doubt of something, then you can ask the store employee, but the thing is that if you can’t find someone to help you, then go to the checkout and ask them to send help for you. The German culture is basically assertive and strong, but set aside your emotion.

When Is The Best Time To Shop In Germany

germanyGermany has a very restricted shopping hour. In fact, all German speaking countries have a limited shopping hour. Do not go shopping on Sundays because in Germany Sunday is for relaxation. It is not intended for shopping. The same thing goes for holidays. The best time to shop in Germany is during weekdays from 8AM to 9PM. Only gas stations are open after 8PM.

The use of credit card

In Europe, credit cards are accepted but most stores prefer cash. As a matter of fact, you will be able to earn discounts if you use cash. Hence, before falling in love with what you see, you should ask first if credit card is accepted. Can you bargain? Of course yes, but it varies from one country to another. It is best to ask first if the price is negotiable. You know very well that haggling commonly takes place in the market.

Additional tips

When shopping, it would be convenient if you are going to bring your own shopping bag or else you will end up paying for a plastic bag to carry your stuffs with you. When in the grocery, the trend is to bag it yourself. Don’t expect that cashiers will bag your groceries for you.