I love benefit while shopping

As you know I’m crazy about shopping. The statement “shop till you drop” from Victoria Beckham fits me like a glove. When you are shopping as much as I do, then there are times that you’re short of money. Or, if you want to say it the more positive way, sometimes there’s still some month left at the end of my money. A problem that you probably know. Shopping is also a lot more fun when you can do this in an economical way. To get something for a bargain is the ultimate form of shopping for a shopaholic and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

victoria beckham

victoria beckham

But what exactly is benefit?

Benefit is of course a broad term. Is it always in favour only to the price of an article or is there more than this? I think there’s more than that. When you’re talking about benefit you can also think of a free article that you get when you buy something. This could be a nice gadget, but also the second article for free is an example of pure benefit. I always enjoy benefit the most when it comes unexpectedly, at times when you least expect it. Other forms of benefit while shopping:

  • Free Parking
  • A free coffee and cake at purchase
  • Discount on your next purchase
  • Turn to discount the wheel of fortune

Look further

I shop a lot in Germany. Also most online purchases I buy from German companies. A good friend and fan of my blog from the beginning gave me the tip to look beyond Germany. After all, the world is at your feet when you shop online. So he pointed me mrveiling.nl met veilingen belgie and the Netherlands. Here you can shop at an auction manner. For someone like me an ideal. Shopping from home and it’s up to yourself to decide how much benefit you get.

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