shopping_mall_germanyRetail therapy is even more enjoyable the moment you step outside your home country. Shopping is a one of a kind experience if you do it in Europe, especially in Germany. When shopping there, you will be able to meet locals, learn their way of life, and a chit chat over the counter.

What to purchase?

When in Germany, you will surely be tempted to shop. You will find a huge array of choices such as chocolates, leather, clothing, accessories, jewellery, Christmas ornaments, and many more. You will find everything that represents the culture, history, and aesthetics of Germany. Before you begin shopping, you should first do comparison shopping so that you will have idea which one offers the best price. Aside from that, you should know beforehand; what types of things are permitted by your custom department to bring in?

Where to purchase?

Where is the best place to shop in Germany? Well, it basically depends on your preference. You can shop at the main shopping streets/high streets. There are also outlet malls where you can surely find great bargains. Department stores offer the widest selection of goods. You might also want to shop at open markets. If you want to purchase antiques, then you should try shopping at the museum shops. Shopping can also be done at the airport. Airport malls sell famous local goods and you will also be able to find specialties that you can’t find elsewhere.

When is the best time to shop?

When shops are on sale, you should make sure you wear comfortable clothing, especially comfortable shoes. The discounts are phenomenal and a lot of locals shop till the last drop. The sale is usually done twice a year; ideally in June or July or in December or January. When the malls are on sale, you will be able to save up to 70%. When in Germany, you should make sure you visit magical marketplaces where you can find tasty local snacks, craft items, and other stuff that would truly delight your senses.

How to shop?

In Germany, major credit cards are accepted, but when shopping at fairs and open markets, it is best to pay in cash. You will be able to earn small discounts if you do so. Before making your purchase, you should first ask if the store accepts credit card. If you find the price too high, then don’t hesitate to haggle. However, haggling is not allowed in all stores. You should first find out if haggling is allowed. In high end stores, haggling is not allowed, especially if the price is already on sale. You can try your luck in the open market/flea market.