Germany is indeed the best place for shopaholics. If you visit Germany, you will surely be delighted by its huge shopping centres and low prices, which is very good for season sales. If you wish to have tax free return, then you need to purchase goods for only 25 euros. In this blog, I will reveal to you the top three must visit shopping places in the beautiful country of Germany. If you are in Germany, make sure to visit these shopping sites to get a taste of how it feels like shopping in Germany.

Ludgeristraße, Munster

If you love to shop for stylish and unconventional outfits, then this street is the best place to be. It has numerous exclusive shops selling distinct pieces. It also has numerous dining points and cafes and so you can just chill out right after shopping. Research showed that on a Saturday about 9,390 people visit this place.

HoheStraße, Cologne

This place is considered the busiest trade route in the country, which attracts nearly 10,500 shoppers. There is a huge array of goods to choose from and you can find almost anything from the cheapest things, middle class, to the most expensive goods.

Zeil, Frankfurt

On this street, you will find a huge array of shops that will surely suit your taste and budget. It houses Zeilgalerie, which is a huge department store. It has a 10 storey commercial complex designed uniquely in a spiral way.