What Should You Keep In Mind When Grocery Shopping In Germany

If you have been to Germany, then most likely you are aware of the fact that shopping in Germany is a totally different thing. There are things that organized differently. Structure wise, the stores are a bit smaller and you will have lesser options. For you to have a worthwhile shopping experience, feel free to take into account the following tips:

grocery shopping

grocery shopping

  • Have your own water bottles. The shops in Germany have tiny water bottle sucker upper machine that will pay you for every empty water bottle. By simply feeding the machine, you will be able to earn money. Kids as well as kids at heart love doing feeding the machine.
  • You should have your own bag. Most of the stores there have green campaign, which expect you to carry your own bag. You need to load the cart in a logical way; the same thing goes when unloading the cart.
  • Always have 1 euro with you. For you to avail of the cart, you need to pay 1 euro and once you return the cart, your 1 euro will be given back to you.

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